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18 Sept tot 28 September 2020


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You will commit to hard work and an effort to make a success of this adventure if you enroll. However, you are welcome not to do so and stay at home, but, if you do join us, it will be compulsory to cooperate!


The price is R19 500 per person.

The above price includes all meals, accommodation, travel and leisure activities such as “White-water rafting, Bungy, Victoria Falls, etc. The cost for the leisure activities will cost an individual much more than R3000! Please note that pocket money of only R700 per person is permitted.


For those who want to be part of the Vasbyt, the following goals and principles will be applied:

• Vasbyters’ are courteous towards friends, parents, fellow countrymen as well as enemies. They are proud of their good manners and strive for the best. 

• Vasbyters’ do not swear or use bad language.

• Vasbyters’ are always of a sober nature and do not smoke or drink whilst on camps or tours.

• Vasbyters’ understand being able to differ on certain subjects very well. They are also aware that it is possible to agree on certain aspects under discussion, but they are also aware that the nature of their disagreement is the actual barometer which applies to anyone.

• Vasbyters’ are never satisfied with average achievements. Vasbyters’ are winners. Losing is not an option for Vasbyters’. Vasbyters’ are never negative and strongly believe in their respective futures. Vasbyters’ develop their own potential to avoid any negativity. They do not believe in rumours and work actively on their own futures.

• Vasbyters’ set their own goals at which they work extremely hard to achieve.

• Vasbyters’ are aware of their own shortcomings and which they strong work towards achieving. If you are always unaware of your own shortcomings you will never succeed. Vasbyters’ take note thereof and if they are not able to change, they work around this. Vasbyters’ are radical. They are continually aware of carrying out their plans.

• Vasbyters’ are always on hand to help each for the rest of their lives. They establish networks of people who share the same dreams and objectives; people with whom they can pray and feel at ease. A network is a group of people who you are prepared to help and who appreciate your assistance. Vasbyters’ get ideas from others and share their knowledge accordingly.

• Vasbyters’ accept that they can have a setback from time to time as plans do not always go according to plan. They use this as the foundation of greater things. Setbacks are just ways of showing dedication and determination to begin or to persevere. Vasbyters’ are able to work in groups without losing their own identity.

• Vasbyters’ are physically and mentally strong and fit.

• Vasbyters’ know that general knowledge is essential and actively work towards subjects as possible.


What is the right age to participate on the Vasbyt? :

Grade 10 and 11 girls are welcome.

Is this a survival course?:

Not at all. At all times you will have enough food and water. The food is normally excellent. The girls are taught how to cook and as expectations are high, the food is excellent and more than enough. If you are hungry on the Vasbyt, you will not be able to buy your own. Just ask and you will be provided with more food.

Are the vehicles safe?

At all times we use vehicles which are roadworthy and great care is taken to avoid accidents. We buy new vehicles to avoid accidents.

Buses and veld vehicles can be very dangerous for passengers should veld vehicles overturn. Extremely strong roll bars do indeed help unless you land under one of them. Accidents very often happen and can be avoided by sticking to the rules.

The following are requirements that you will need to achieve to pass the Kalahari Vasbyt:


People have been injured on the lower parts of the Falls The bridge at Vic Falls is very high. However, no one has suffered even minor injuries in the approximate 11 years where at least 70 jumps are done. It is indeed more likely to injure yourself in the bath. Extreme Adventures offers this adventure. They are extremely well equipped and also offer jumps in South Africa and New Zealand. Above information was correct until 31 December 2011. There was a girl who was slightly injured. This injury should not have taken place at all, but it was determined that the rope was of an inferior quality. Huge amounts of time and money were spent to make sure that another incident did not occur in the future and we believe that it is now very safe and that measures are very safe and should not happen again.

White water rafting:

Seven people have been killed since the inception in the eighties. Five of them were guides who lost their lives to save others who had not followed instructions. The Zambezi is a huge river and the safety measures and instructions must always be adhered to. The guides are extremely friendly, fit and unafraid of anything. You must not ignore their instructions as the repercussions are extremely dangerous. The statistics of accidents are unknown. No costs are spared to avoid any accidents ????????????. Safety equipment include safety measures and a helicopter with divers.

Wild animals:

Please don’t have any illusions. Wild animals are extremely dangerous. I take full responsibility for this. I am extremely thankfully that no accidents have occurred in this respect. My safety measures have been tests on both lions and elephants. Luckily this has always worked. Girls are strongly advised to wear sturdy shoes at all times in the veld. This is in respect of scorpions and spiders.

Route march:

The route march is long and very difficult. Precautions must be taken regarding wild animals. Snakes in particular are extremely dangerous. The best possible medical care is always available. Scorpion stings and spider bites are far more normal but less dangerous. I have in the past successfully been able to take care of these types of incidents.

Who is the tour leader? :

Andries Erwee (59-model) is a fifty-year old father of two daughters. I strongly believe that I have answered my calling with regards to the youths of today.

As a tour guide in respect of nature I have exceptional experience and am accordingly registered with the S.A. Department of Development and tourism (WC 2853). I am a respected member of the Federation of Southern-African Tour Guides (nr. 7486) and have six national field guide qualifications. (TG01/TG08/TG11/TG12/TG12/TG14/TG18) and as a cultural guide of the highest national grade. I have a Higher Education Diploma. Various newspapers and publications have provided very positive articles regarding my educational methods. I will be assisted by at least two younger adults for the duration of the tour.


The Vasbyt strives to empower young people not to expect anything:

On this tour you will learn not to demand, but to find a way of helping yourself. Vasbyters look after each other for life?


You will indeed cross many boundaries to your advantage during the Vasbyt. These boundaries are physical. You can physically do far more than you think and and we will learn to overcome those boundaries. You only use a very small part of your brain and we will also work to crossing those boundaries. You rely very little on people around you by not realising that they are quite willing to assist you. You will be able to cross those boundaries. You will also be able to assist your parents and friends and to be a part of the community more than you realise. You will be able to cross many of these boundaries. The Caprivi-Vasbyt is for youths who find the lives of average people boring and you will want to do something worthwhile. For girls you will . Empowerment is possible and great, but always difficult and tiring. This course enables you to achieve your dreams and to dream about things you would never have thought possible.


November is the hottest month followed by September.


As long as you actively participate on the course and the believe in the achievements goals you will still be a participant of the tour. You will still receive a certificate stating that you participated on the tour. For those who have not PASSED. To pass the course you will need to achieve certain physical and other MIKPUNTE ….


Very difficult. It requires high physical and GEESTLIKE …..Everyone who has the right motivation can pass the course. You need to complete the 2000 m under 15 minutes and 30 seconds and the group an average time of 14 minutes can do. This is possibly the easiest part of the course to achieve.


No choices are made but it is important to know that you need to complete certain requirements to pass the course. If you are 15% overweight or physically challenged, you more than likely not be able to complete the course. If you have any doubts you will need to consult your doctor for any advice before applying for the course. You will also have to run 2000 m in less than 15 minutes and 30 seconds if you would like to complete the course.

“Route march”: Should you drop out of the course for any reason before you have tackled the “route march”, you will not be able to do the “route march”. You can join other activities, but you will still not be able to do the “route march”). You must complete the “route march” to pass the course. The “route march” is without a doubt a group activity. The whole group does exactly the same “route march”. If anyone drops out, the rest of the group must carry on as if nothing untoward has happened. If you drop out before you tackle the “route march” you may not participate. In order to take part on the “route march”, you will need to qualify. You must have run the 3000m at least once in less than 16 minutes as well as not getting more than 25 penalty points during PT.

The “route march” takes place over a maximum period of 1 day and is made up of various ‘waypoints’ which are determined first. The total distance is 58km. Should you get less than 2 ‘waypoints’ you will have to spend 1 night in the veld.

The number of “waypoints” which are done depends on the group’s cooperation. There is constant evaluation where the group as a whole is evaluated. Everything counts for points and if the group obtains more than 55% on average, they get one “waypoint” taken off, and should the group obtain more than 65% they get 2 “waypoints” taken off. More than a 70% average means 3 “waypoints” off. (See points section hereunder). During the “route march” there will be a quiz and you will be able to have a further “waypoint” taken off if you obtain more than 65%. During the “route march”, something is added to each “waypoint” which must be carried by the group. In the event that the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius in the shade for more than two hours, one “waypoint” will be discarded.

Should the temperature be over 45 degrees Celsius for an uninterrupted period, 1 “waypoint” will be disregarded. The temperature is measured in the shade.

During the “route march” something will be added to each “waypoint” which the group must carry. In addition, the group must know where to find the “waypoints”. Should the group not know, they can “buy” the information from the instructors’. The price will always include something extra that the whole group must pay for.

Any negligence during the “route march” is penalised with additional provisions which must be carried. The last 2 ” waypoints” must be at least 5km long.


There must be at least 100ml water per km at each “waypoint”. The water must be increased by 20% when the temperature is over 40 degrees and by 50% when the temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius. (in the shade).


A normal breakfast must be provided on the day of the “route march”. Should the “route march” be held over 2 days, a normal breakfast must be provided on both days. In such an event a proper supper must also be provided. There must be at least 3 000 kilojoules food provided during the “route march”.

Extra “waypoints”:

In only two possible instances will the “waypoints” be given back which have been given. a) In the event that one or more of the group drops out, the original “waypoints” will be given back.


You will need to declare that you are abiding by the principles of the Vasbyt during the course.


Should a candidate be sick or injured, she can miss PT for a maximum of 2 and a half days. You lose 10 points if you miss PT or the 3 000m time trial or take more than 18 minutes to complete the 3 000m.

1. Should you do the PT, but you are unable to complete it, you can rest for 5 minutes. Five points will then be deducted from you. You can miss PT twice but then a maximum of 10 points are lost during PT per day. If you are not able to do a specific exercises (due to being injured) the instructors’ are allowed to give you exercises, but you will then lose 5 points.

2. If you are holding the group up, the instructor can instruct you to rest for 5 minutes. You then lose 5 points. This can only happen twice per PT session.

3. The last official Day 3 PT will take place 24 to 36 hours after the “route march”. PT will also be done the night before the “route march” as if there is no “route march” the following day. If you are unable to do PT the night before the “route march” or if you drop out more than twice during that particular PT session. If you are unable to do the PT the night before the “route march” or you miss PT 1 or more times, you will not pass the Kalahari Vasbyt and will also not be able to do the “route march”.

4. Should you lose 26 points during PT, you do not pass the course. If you lose 26 points before the “route march”, you cannot do the “route march”.

5. You cannot lose more than 5 points during the final PT session after the “route march”.