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20 Sept tot 30 September 2019


“Temba College is proud of our excellent relationship with numerous schools. However, no school is involved in any of our projects and no school accepts responsibility for our projects.“

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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Temba College strives to have the best relationship with our schools although no school is involved with the rules and no school accepts any responsibility for the tours, even though you may have heard about the tour from the school.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT: The girls’ Vasbyt is by no means a holiday. You will acquire excellent skills which are necessary to reach your optimal performance.

The inception of the Kalahari- Vasbyt in 1987 for boys has made a tremendous impact on the lives of many young men. The Kalahari-Vasbyt for girls’ in 2014 was a tremendous success.

The Kalahari-Vasbyt for girls is physically and mentally demanding, as with the Kalahari-Vasbyt for boys. Without a doubt you will become aware about discipline and becoming extremely fit, but in turn avoids you becoming humiliated at all. Without a doubt the Kalahari-Vasbyt will be the best holiday ever for you. The Kalahari-Vasbyt for girls differs from the boys’ in that water is to a large extent more essential for the girls’ and therefore we choose to stay in camps with more comfortable facilities, except in the Caprivi where only basic accommodation is available. Girls are embarrassed by situations which may be evident. Average girls will find this very difficult which the boys’ do not experience at all on the Kalahari-Vasbyt.

The Kalahari-Vasbyt for girls is a subsidised course. Funds are transparently handled and all funds which you pay (and funds from our sponsors) are for the benefit of the tour leaders. We strongly believe that young girls’ who dream of making a difference in the world should participate on the Kalahari-Vasbyt.

Our tour commences on 28 September at 06:00 from Cape Town International Airport and you will return to school on 12 October. Girls’ who have matric obligations should be aware that the tour is not advised.

Before applying for the Kalahari-Vasbyt for girl’ you will be expected to strive by making a huge success of the course. If you are not committed, please do not apply. Should you wish to join the Kalahari-Vasbyt for girls you will be committed to working as a team. 

We recommend that girls’ who are currently in Grade 10 apply for the Kalahari-Vasbyt. Grade 11’s are also welcome to apply. 

The cost of the course amounts to R14 800—00 + plus USA$350. This includes all meals, transport and time to relax. White-water rafting, bungee-jumping include the Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls alone amounts to more than R3 000-00 per person but is included in the price. The airfare from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and return to Johannesburg is also included. No pocket money more than R700-00 per girl will be allowed.

The tour is full of exciting surprises. Without a doubt you will return extremely fit. In addition, you will be expected to agree to act in accordance with the attached principles.

Under no circumstances is smoking allowed and will also apply to me. We experience severe strain and have fun together, except those over the age of 40 during PT. What you eat and drink, applies to us as well. Should cooldrink be provided, the adults will only be provided should there be enough.

If you are a girl who has character who wants to experience adventure, to participate driving long distances in the veld, to learn about the surrounding areas during the course and to perform way beyond the average, this undoubtedly is the course which you have been hoping to experience.