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Enrollment to learners who are in grade 11 during 2024 or 16 in 2024.


“Temba College is proud of our excellent relationship with numerous schools. However, no school is involved in any of our projects and no school accepts responsibility for our projects.“

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In 29 December and out 2 January: Victoria Falls – We depart from O.R. Tambo International airport and fly to Victoria Falls. Here we will prepare ourselves for the Kalahari Vasbyt. On New Year’s Eve we can enjoy some of the many activities on offer in this holiday town, and then sleep late on 1 January. After we get up, we will go to the bridge for the exhilarating, or terrifying, bungee. On 2 January we challenge the wild white waters of the Zambezi before we cross the border to Kasane in Botswana.


White Water Rafting
Bungee Vic Falls


In 2 January and out 3 January - Chobe: This is a day of chilling at the Chobe National Park near Kasane in Botswana. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery we will overnight, ensure that all is ready for the next stage of the adventure … and simply chill.

In 3 January out 5 January - Savuti: Subsequent to completing a game drive along the river, we will depart to Savuti which is, without a doubt, one of the most animal rich areas in Southern Africa.

In 5 January out 7 January - Khwai river, Moreni:My favourite camping site within the Okavango Delta and we will stay for two nights.

Cruiser dak met kinders op
Kamp Vuur


In 7 January out 9 January - Maun :In the village of Maun, we will replenish our provisions for the rest of the safari.

In 9 January out 12 January - Central Kalahari Game Reserve: As the first day dawns you will soon realize that the ultimate high light of the tour has commenced. It is here where you will feel the oneness with and harmony of living with nature and your Creator. As from December till April thousands of wild plains animals migrate to and through Deception Valley and, preying on them many predators such as prides of lion, etc. At night a roster of guard duty will be adhered to; you will keep watch whilst your buddies sleep and so we establish trust in each other whilst being a part of nature.

11 January – Central Kalahari Route March: If not sufficiently fit or psychologically motivated you may find it difficult to complete, but you need not be a super hero to do so. This is the ultimate test. You will however have access to as much water and food as you need to achieve completion. The main thing is to believe in your ability to endure and many, who weren’t sportsmen, have aced this test in the past.


Kamp vuur in Sentraal-Kalahari


In 12 January out 13 January: Lethlakane: - A quick journey will bring us to Lethlakane where we will rid ourselves of the Kalahari dust and chill after the taxing Route March. We will, however, eventually also prepare ourselves and specifically our legs for the final PT session and 3000 M.


roetemars taffel

In 13 January out 14 January - Khama Rhino Sanctuary: We stay on a youth camping site where we will do our last as well as the qualifying PT session, but we will also clean and repair everything that needs to be repaired. 


Stoei by Khama


In 14 January out 15 January - Klein Kariba:  Before total relaxation and tons of fun, we need to do the final time trial. Thereafter it is all about the warm baths, swimming and slides on which we supposedly are not to enjoy at 24:00, but …

15 January – Homeward bound:We drive to O.R Tambo International Airport from where you will travel home or where you attend school. (The cost of the return flight is included in the price of the course).