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Enrollment to learners who are in grade 11 during 2024 or 16 in 2024.


“Temba College is proud of our excellent relationship with numerous schools. However, no school is involved in any of our projects and no school accepts responsibility for our projects.“

Tel: +27 (0) 21 855 0395


You will commit to hard work and an effort to make a success of this adventure if you enroll. However, you are welcome not to do so and stay at home, but, if you do join us, it will be compulsory to cooperate!


The price of the tour is R20 600, plus US$350, plus the cost of an air ticket from JNB to Victoria Falls. The price of an air ticket was approximately R3 200 at the time, the longer you wait the more expensive the tickets will cost.

The above price includes all meals, accommodation, travel and leisure activities such as “White-water rafting, Bungy, Victoria Falls, etc. The cost for the leisure activities will cost an individual much more than USA$350! Please note that pocket money of only R800 per person is permitted.

Multiply the USA$350 by the purchasing price of the Dollar such as on 15 October 2023 at 12H00.

The total bill will be finalized during mid-October. As an administration fee we only require R2 000 along with your application.



The first deposit of R2 000 is payable when booking for the Vasbyt.  The balance is payable on or before 15 November 2023.  Your flight ticket from the coastal areas to Johannesburg on 29 Desember 2023 is not included in the tour price and will also be payable together with the deposit. 


  • Economy class flight ticket from Johannesburg to any destination in South Africa on 15 January and economy class tickets on BA from JNB die Vic Falls on 29 Dec 2023. Take note that your flight to Johannesburg is not included;
  • All transport as stipulated on the program;
  • Park fees, white water rafting, bungee jumping and everything else as mentioned on the program;
  • One tog bag;
  • All meals from supper on 29 December 2023 to breakfast on 15 January 2024.


  • Your transport or plane ticket to O.R. Tambo International Airport;
  • You will not need any pocket money.  We do not have comprehensive or medical insurance.  We strongly advise you to organise your own;
  • Passport and unabridged birth certificate (some of you may already have both);
  • You will need medication for the prevention of malaria.


The Kalahari Vasbyt has made a difference in the lives of many young men.  The course is physically and spiritual demanding but the scientific basis on which the Vasbyt is based ensures that you learn about discipline, as well as getting fit without being humiliated in any way.  In fact, this will no doubt be the holiday of your life.  Nothing will be expected of you which the tour leader’ are also not prepared to do.

To apply for the Vasbyt it is also an express condition that you are prepared to work hard and to make a success of the Vasbyt.  If this is not for you, you are welcome to rather stay at home.  If you are accepted, you will be expected to work together as part of the team.
Remember the part of the Vasbyt song as follows:

"Terwyl softies by die see lê 
en rondlê in die klubs,
word hier vriendskap en karakter
deur sweet en bloed gebou"


For those who want to be part of the Vasbyt, the following goals and principles will be applied:

  • The Kalahari Vasbyt is also about a mission.  A mission is the actions we take to make our dreams and our vision become true.  Our mission is to  become men like no other by pushing our physical, mental, emotional and cultural boundaries, by basing our lives on Christian values and by developing and striving towards leadership by learning and serving. 

    Most of the mission is perfectly clear but perhaps you want to know if it is compulsory to be a Christian.  Not at all. Your beliefs are private and I will most certainly respect that.  I certainly hope the others will too.  I am a born-again Christian and I base my life on Christian values.  However I have many non-Christian friends and even Muslim friends who build their life on the same principles.  Christian values can be universal.

    A vision and mission can be very vague and we therefore adhere to a set of very basic principles.
    ·         Vasbyters help each other for life.
    ·         Vasbyters are chivalrous towards friends, parents, countrymen and opponents. They are proud of their good manners and always strive towards it.
    ·         Vasbyters do not swear. They are proud of their language use.
    ·         Vasbyters are always sober.
    ·         Vasbyters respect others’ opinions, gender, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity as equals.
    ·         Vasbyters are never satisfied with average achievements. They are positive thinkers and winners.
    ·         Vasbyters do not merely think and speak but are known by their actions.
    ·         Vasbyters accept that they will have setbacks. Setbacks are just opportunities to begin again or go on with more commitment and determination.
    ·         Vasbyters are prepared to work in a group but will never relinquish their individuality.
    ·         Vasbyters are physically, mentally and emotionally strong and fit.
    ·         Vasbyters know that knowledge is important and actively work to know as much as possible about everything possible.


AT WHAT AGE ARE YOU ELIGEBLE TO EXPERIENCE VASBYT?   If you are attending grade 10 during this year you will be eligible as you need to be in grade 11 to join the 2022 Vasbyt. However, as a once off concession, you may enroll if in grade 11 during 2023. However; the acceptance of grade 12s remains conditional. Should a Grade 12 believe a Grade 11 to be a junior or in any way subservient to him, he will not be welcome at the Vasbyt. ALL enrollees of the program will experience a great adventure and be equal as men.

WHAT ABOUT COVID? We are very proud of the fact that we, despite many challenges, managed to host the Vasbyt this year, but are determined to do even better during 2022! Obviously we do not know what the COVID-19 situation may be, but being able to adapt to unexpected challenges is a characteristic of a Vasbyter and we will simply adapt to whatever.

IS THIS A SURVIVAL CAMP?  No, not at all as you will be presented with sufficient and quality food and water at all times. In fact, you and your buddies will be taught how to prepare food and the expectations re size and quality of portions are high. You never purchase food if you are hungry whilst on the Kalahari Vasbyt; you simply ask and it will be provided.

ARE THE VEHICLES SAFE?  The Toyota Landcruisers are fully road worthy and driven responsibly in order to prevent accidents. Travelling by road and off road remains a risky part of the tour, especially because the chaps occasionally sit on the back of the vehicles. However, all humanly possible is done to ensure the tour members’ safety at all times.

The biggest danger is when a bus or off-road vehicle should roll and, more often than not, such accidents cause fatalities. The roll bars on off-road vehicles do offer protection, provided the vehicle does not roll over one. Adhering to speed limits and generally adjusting the speed travelled at as well as being vigilant assists in ensuring a safe journey.

BUNGEE JUMPING:  Although some people have been injured where the jumps were much lower, nobody has ever been seriously injured at the Victoria Falls bridge which is very high and where an average of 70 jumps have been made per day during the last 15 years. Extreme Adventures is the operator and are very experienced in managing this activity in South Africa and New Zealand as well. There was an incident where a person was slightly injured and Temba College was involved in upgrading the safety precautions employed! 

WHITE WATER RAFTING:  This sport was founded during the 1980s and to date 7 people have died participating in it, 5 of which were guides who sacrificed their lives to save clients who did not heed instructions given. The Zambezi is a mighty river and all safety precautions as well as instructions of the guides must be adhered to and followed at all times. You will ignore the friendly, but fit and brave guide’s instructions at your peril; do not be shocked if the necessary aggression is employed to get you back in line.

In order to maintain the negligible number of accidents and ensure your safety, no expense is spared to ensure such. An entire rescue team consisting of a helicopter, divers and kayaks will be accompanying the Vasbyters.  

WILD ANIMALS:  Wild animals are wild and therefore dangerous. I accept full responsibility to ensure the safety of the chaps and am eternally thankful that I have not experienced any mishap or accident to date. Truth be told, the safety precautions I employ have been tested and tried by lions and elephants, but with no success. Vasbyters are advised to wear closed shoes as it offers the best protection against snake bites and scorpion stings. 

“ROUTE MARCH”:  It covers a long distance and is a tough challenge. Other than the afore-mentioned all necessary precautions are taken re wild animals, nobody ever walks after dark and the best first aid is at hand. A snake bite can be lethal, but spider bites and scorpion stings are much more common and less dangerous. To date all such that occurred have been successfully dealt with by me.

WHO IS THE TOUR LEADER?  Andries Erwee (1958 model), father of two daughters. I truly believe that I am fulfilling my calling regarding the youth and have, amongst other, led all Die Burger’s youth tours to overseas destinations. (42 ‘Jip’ tours).

I am registered as a field and nature guide (WC 2853) at the South African Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism and have extensive experience in this regard. Whilst the holder of six field guide qualifications (TG01/ TG08/ TG11/ TG12/ TG14/ TG180), I am a respected member of the South Africa Field Guide Federation. In addition to the afore-mentioned I also hold the highest grading for a guide in Culture. Furthermore; I hold a post graduate diploma in education and a masters degree in leadership development. Numerous complimentary articles regarding my educational methods have been published by a number of magazines. Finally; I will be assisted by at least two younger adults.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE?  It is the culture and belief of the Vasbyt movement that young men need to be empowered and not to ‘hand out gifts’ to them. Your son will be taught and coached to help himself and find alternative solutions, instead of simply relying on others to do so. Nevertheless, the Vasbyter movement subscribes to the concept of members caring for and assisting each other. Consequently, this culture is instilled and promoted during the tour in order for Vasbyters to continue with such during the years to follow and assist members when and where ever such is needed..

IS IT PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTING?  ? Yes. You will be challenged to surpass former limits and those limits are of a physical nature. Truth is that you can do much more than you believe you can and you will be doing it. Same applies to your mental limits re intellect. You will also expand your limits of mobilizing other people around you and you will realise that you can do much more in and for your community, your parents and other people around you. Yes, you will be expanding your horizons and currents limits. The Kalahari Vasbyt offers an opportunity for young men who wish to break with the everyday average and mundane in order to excel. To excel and be special is fantastic, but demands exhaustive efforts. The Vasbyt will set you on a course whereby your dreams will not only become true, you will dream new dreams! 

TOO EXPENSIVE FOR A DOMESTIC TOUR?  ? Let’s take stock of what is received. Airline ticket – R3 900, Bungee – US$110, “White Water Rafting” – US$215, entrance to National Parks – R3 780, 17 days, accommodation of which three are in chalets, 17 days transport, 17 days quality meals, kit and a bag – R500, Course guides – R500, certificate – R450 and much more .. and much cheaper that a mere airline ticket to Europe.

ISN’T JANUARY AN EXTREMELY WARM SEASON? Botswana and Victoria Falls usually has a moderate climate, but, on occasion, it has been very hot in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Due to being overcast the average temperatures tend to be 4,3 degrees and 2,8 degrees cooler as during respectively November and October. Nevertheless, prepare for warm weather.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DROP OUT? In order to pass the course, you will need to meet certain criteria. Should you not be able to achieve the afore-mentioned, you will remain a member of the group and the tour provided you continue to participate and subscribe to the declared objectives of such. 

IS IT DIFFICULT TO PASS THE COURSE? It isn’t easy, but, despite high physical and psychological demands, everybody with the right motivation can pass it. There is no academic examination, but you, as an example, will have to complete a 3000-meter run within 16 minutes and the group needs to do so with an average time that is less than 14 minutes per person. This is, however, the most difficult hurdle to overcome. 

WHY NO GIRLS? We host a Vasbyt for young ladies during September. Other than some things the young men do being too difficult for the young ladies and vice versa, the young men tend to lose focus when the female gender is around. Almost like a male dog when on heat females of the species are around. 

WHAT ARE THE SELECTION REQUIREMENTS? There is no selection, but you must understand that you need to meet certain physical requirements in order to pass the course. If you are 15% over weight or suffer from some physical disability it may be very difficult to pass. Have a chat with your doctor or pharmacist if in doubt and remember; you need to complete a 3000-meter run within 16 minutes.

CONCLUTION: You will be learning the Afrikaans lyrics and melody of the Vasbyt song. Never will you forget it, but the following verse will always resonate to this adventure:
"Terwyl softies by die see lê
en rondlê in die klubs,
word hier vriendskap en karakter
deur sweet en bloed gebou”
We are keenly awaiting your application to enroll and to welcome into the Vasbyt family!